A brief overview of what we offer at our friendly and relaxed School


Bronze Certificate in Companion Dog Training (your local council may offer a rego discount once your dog has achieved Bronze (aka level 3)


Agility classes


Rally 'O' (a fun way of practicing skills with your dog)

At School for Dogs Aldinga Bay we use force free training methods (positive re-enforcement) using praise and treats to reward wanted  behaviour.  Class sizes are kept small to avoid overcrowding, usually between 8 to 10 dogs per class. 


Courses run for 7 weeks for up to an hour (weather permitting).

We run four terms per year on Sunday mornings .  We also run two terms on Tuesday evenings during daylight saving.

During the term obstacle awareness may be taught giving your dog an opportunity to try out items that make up the agility course, this will be taught by our agility instructors. Dogs over 1 year of age may have the option of taking part in Agility Classes too.

Our ultimate aim is for you to have a well socialised, good mannered, companion pet dog all