A brief overview of what we offer in a happy and relaxed atmosphere


Level 3 (Bronze certificate) in Companion Dog Training


At School for Dogs Aldinga Bay we train in positive re-enforcement using praise and 

treats to reward good behaviour. Class sizes are kept small to avoid overcrowding, usually

between 8 to 10 dogs per class.


The level 3  course runs for 8 weeks and classes run for up to an hour (weather permitting.

Training days are Sunday mornings or Tuesday evenings during daylight saving.


Your dogs will train in a safe and friendly environment and our instructors will be happy to

answer any individual queries and assist with problem solving where possible. If necessary

we can put you in touch with an Accredited Behaviourist.


Training is hands on, instructors will train you to train your dog. Dogs of all breeds and

ages are welcome. This is something the whole family can take part in.


The training exercises are broken down, and built on each week for the duration of the course comprising various exercises


  • Loose lead walking, teaching your dog to walk calmly without pulling.

  • Dogs that jump up (problem solving).

  • “Leave its” covers anything you don't want your dog to do, e.g eating something, digging holes, encountering snakes etc

  • Stays and Waits

  • Recalls - we all would like our dogs to come when called. Long lines are available for this exercise for your peace of mind.


During the term obstacle awareness will be taught giving your dog an opportunity to try out items that make up the agility course, this will be taught by our agility instructors. Dogs over 1 year of age may have the option of taking part in Agility Classes.


You can also move on to Silver Classes which offer an advance on the basic level 3 training, improving on skills already learned such as stays and waits (working on prolonging times in these positions), off lead recalls, emergency stops and improving your relationship and control with your dog. We also offer Skills Maintenance Classes, maintaining and improving on all the skills you have already learned.


We also promote the Yellow Dog Project. This is a worldwide initiative for owners of dogs that may need space for reasons of nervousness, recent surgery, or they may be timid or fearful etc. It comes in the form of a yellow bandanna worn by the dog during classes. The school can provide these for use while at the school. The need for this will be assessed by your instructor.

Our ultimate aim is for you to have a well socialised, good mannered, companion pet dog all


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